Because we are using privately owned or State land to train and run our hunts, Granite State HRC asks that
you be respectful of the property we are allowed to use. Whatever you bring in, please 
bring out. The management of  Sharpe's Farm has asked us to post the following:

      • The GSHRC would like to thank the US Army Corps of  Engineers for the use of
        Sharpe's Farm for dog training and testing purposes.

      • The primary focus of the Corps of Engineers is flood control and land

      • Please assist our relationship with the Corps by respecting the grounds and
        it's neighbors.

      • Be courteous to other users such as hikers, walkers and fishermen as we
        do not have exclusive use of the area. If a conflict occurs, please consult a
        Club representative for assistance and avoid confrontation.

      • The maximum speed limit while on the test grounds and the road leading to
        the test site grounds is 15 MPH.

      • Park only in designated areas.

      • Please avoid damage to the property (tire tracks and ruts) during wet

      • Remove all your liter.

      • No shooting may take place except in permitted areas, under controlled
        conditions and during the approved hours of the event.

      • No training will be allowed away from the test grounds during a scheduled event.

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